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Sexy Women Cigar Smokers

 Vegas de Santiago Model: "Michelle"


Along the side of every powerful man…
is a beautiful, powerful woman.



The cigar has  been a symbol for power,  privilege and
prestige,  since the conquistadors introduced tobacco, to
the European nobility in  the 1500s.

It's all power!  A man smoking a cigar is trying to capture
that power, he is able to show off a little bit.  Women smoke
cigars for the same reason.

Just  holding this power prop, with their fingertips, gives
women a certain sense of Freedom, Power & Moxy,  as
either a unique independent thinker or a romantic
femme fatale.




Power  is  Sensuous… 
We like Sensual Pleasures.

Cigars taste good, and like fine wines, well aged spirits and gourmet food, they are a connoisseur's experience to be contemplated and savored, a cigar gets finer with age... 
if kept in the proper humidor.

The ritual of lighting a cigar and savoring the complex tastes,
of a well aged and properly treated smoke, can be a wonderful focus for relaxation and meditative reflection on the pleasures
of the here-and-now... rather than on the demands of a busy schedule.

Paired with deliciously fragrant cognac, the rich, roasted
aromas of coffee or even a strong, savory red wine, a good
cigar offers a wealth of flavor nuances... to the discerning


Women have made powerful advances in the corporate world, which were male-dominated for so long, they also experience
more stress.

They have more disposable income. Women are less afraid of embracing typical male pastimes for relaxation, like smoking
a fine cigar.

Cigars have recaptured their traditional symbol of success, celebration and achievement. People yearn for old established rituals — rituals of elegance and sophistication, of good
fellowship and camaraderie.

They call it a gentlemen's industry,
which to an extent is very true...

  Women add a certain
"Class" of  their own.


Women  Love  the "Smooth Tasting"
Aromatic Cigars from Vegas de Santiago


Unlike "harsh" Cubans... These Costa Rican Beauties,
are elegant hand rolled cigars... that will delight you,
with every slow draw of smoke.

But the rave reviews don't surprise us, because we have
witnessed the loving care, lavished on the Costa Rican
tobaccos - all the way from the "sun kissed" fields...  to
the rolling tables.

The Costa Rican Cigar Manufacturer insists on a 90-day
aging period, in the climate-controlled humidification room,
before releasing these exclusive cigars.


At  Vegas de Santiago - We have 5 Main Brands:
Which include different Vitolas… and we have been Creating New
Brands for Specific Markets… that are quickly becoming New and
Exciting Additions to our already famous brands. 

(Churchill, Robusto, Torpedo, Dbl Corona, Corona, Lonsdale,
Laquito #1, Laquito #3, Toro, Panatela Extras, Chiquititas – Natural,
anilla, Cinnamon and Tutti Frutti,  and our Short Fillers.) 

We are now also creating many new cigar types... for our large
accounts in our International Market Places:  Such as Solomones, Sublimes, Piramides, Canionazo, and Cervantes, to name a few. 
So we can create perfected cigar types and change the type of
wrappers… to fit each market.

VdS Originales Cigars - (*Trade Marked VdS Logo - White and
Gold Band) filler and binder Costa Rican ligero, wrapper Habano
from Nicaragua. 

*This Cigar has a Smooth and soft draw, with an earthy, aromatic
flavor... with Rainforest undertones. (Available in Natural and Maduro Wrapper).

VdS Puros Edicion Especial Cigars - (*Trade Marked VdS Logo
- Red and Gold Band) 100 % Costa Rican tobaccos. 

*This Cigar has a Suave, and deeper draw... with seductive "Spicy" Rainforest undertones. (Available in Natural or Maduro Wrapper).

VdS Chaman Cigars – (*Trade Marked Special Logo – Beautiful
White, Gold & Black Band). (The Shaman Cigar) (in English),
(One of our best Sellers).

The "Chaman Cigar" is created with "Longfiller from VdS Costa Rica
Ligero", Binder from Central America, and the Wrapper is Connecticut
from Ecuador, using the special techniques and secrets of the Indio Shamans of Costa Rica.

*This Cigar has a Suave, tropical mellow draw, with warm & exotic, Chocolaty Flavors.  (Available in Natural Wrapper). 

VdS Don Luis our "Secretos del Maestro" Cigars – (*Trade
Marked Black & Gold Band (Very Special and Top of the Line) A
cigar we created, in memory of our late Cuban master, Don Luis
Santana Lamas.

Filler from selected and specially cured tobaccos… from Costa Rica,
Binder from the Caribe and Central America and a Connecticut wrapper
from Ecuador.  (We also have perfected a special smooth and aromatic Maduro-like wrapper called “Capa D. O.”)

*This cigar is Exceptional and Unique... and it will Capture your
Senses and your Heart! So Smooth & Suave... it seems to melt
inside your mouth... with delicate and  intricate flavors... that mingle
together to create a the most sensuous sensation. Warm and
mysterious Spice aromatics. (Available in Capa Connecticut or our
special Capa D. O.)

VdS Palma Shortfillers (*Trade Marked Special Palm Logo –
Black, Maroon & Gold Band).  A mixture of Costa Rican blend and
Central American with Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador.

*This Cigar has a warm draw, with earth and spice flavors, that
mingle to create a festive cigar taste, with a tropical feel. 
(Available in Natural or Maduro Wrapper). 


 Free Cigar Sampler for Ladies!
in the USA - Germany - France - Dubai & Switzerland...

We will be more than happy to
send you this FREE SAMPLER !

Please order here:

Send us your  full mailing address and what size and strength you
prefer (natural or maduro wrapper).

Your address will be kept completely confidential, and used for no
other purpose than to send you samplers or tester cigars.

These cigars are a labor of love for our Cuban master blender
Don Louis Santana, who has been able to produce such an intensely flavorful smoke that appeals to the most discriminating smoker. 

We know you will love these cigars.

From the deep Rainforest… to the warmth of the rich volcanic Earth…
rises like a "Phoenix from the Ashes", the legendary and rare "Vegas
de Santiago" Premium Cigars made in Costa Rica! 


The Quality is born in the fields...

Our Cuban tobacco is grown from select Cuban seeds, that have
been pampered till they are full grown. It is grown in the cool high
regions in the mountains, at a height of 1100 meters above sea
level, in Santiago de Puriscal.  Planted in rich volcanic earth, and
compost from the Rainforest.

This allows us to grow our tobacco, without the use of pesticides
and artificial fertilizers, because our tobacco is naturally resistant
to insects.  We also quick-freeze our tobacco leafs, before and
after curing.

Our special tobacco is then hand-picked, selected, dried and
cured for 3 years with tender loving care.  In Costa Rica, this is
called "Pura Vida", Pure Life!  Where the tobacco plant  is
considered most sacred.

The Manufacture of "Vegas de Santiago" cigars is all done by
hand, using the tubing technique after "de-veining" the leaves. 
Our rich and smooth wrappers are imported from our plantation
in Nicaragua, shade-grown to perfection.

The Mystique of the Rainforest  lingers in the smoke… and the
mild, smooth taste will convince you of the high-quality of "Vegas
de Santiago" Premium Cigars.

As the manufacturer of "vintage tobacco" Premium Cigars, we
can offer our customers.. their own Custom Cigar Bands!



Click Here
for Custom Cigar Band
Prices and Styles!


Please email us... with any questions you may have. 

My favorite cigars are:

Our VdS and Chaman Panetela Extras and Coronas, and Don Luis
"Secretos del Maestro" Coronas & Robustos,
(They are larger cigars, with a delicate sweet taste and aroma).  
Try some! You will be delighted!

Sunny Greetings from Costa Rica!

Lani Kaub Niehaus
International Sales & Exports

Vegas Santiago SA

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Vegas de Santiago
Manufacturer of Premium Cigars
in Costa Rica

We are the  Largest Manufacturer
of Fine Cigars in Costa Rica!



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