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Great Women Who Smoked Cigars...

Vegas de Santiago Model: "Michelle"


Catherine the Great was born in 1729. She loved smoking fine cigars and
bands are her invention.  She insisted on a band - to keep her  royal fingers
from getting stained with tobacco.

Marlene Dietrich
played the Russian ruler in the film "The Scarlet Empress."
The actress was often seen smoking cigars.

Gertrude Stein shared her love of good literature and love of good cigars with
her friends, Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The poet Amy Lowell, the novelists Colette and George Sand, and the
Australian soprano
Nellie Melba
all enjoyed a fine cigar.
 "La Africana" cigar
factory in Cuba, holds the distinction of being... the first cigar factory to employ
a woman (1878). The best cigars from this factory were sent to
Nellie Melba.

The George Sands Society, founded in Santa Monica, California in 1992, is
the largest women's cigar smoking society.

Bonnie Parker, of Bonnie and Clyde infamy, and Annie Oakley, relieved some
of the stress of their jobs by smoking cigars.

In modern days, the famous WWII pin-up
Lillian Russell, fogged up
more than GI's lockers... with her cigar smoke.

Madonna, Jodie Foster and Whoopie Goldberg
are all women with their
names in the headlines... and cigars in their relaxation kit.

Women bought less than a tenth of a percent of all cigars in the 1980s.  Now
women buy over five percent... of all cigars, and account for more than forty
percent of the retail cigar dollars.

The Cigar Association estimates that there are now half a million woman cigar




Capture the Mystique and Power
of the Rainforest





Cigar  Aficionados offer these tips
on buying and smoking cigars:


  • Buy cigars from a tobacco shop. There are many high quality
    Cigar Shops online,  such as: Vegas de Santiago Premium Cigars
    from Costa Rica. They'll  know more about the product and have
    a better selection than liquor, drug or grocery stores.

    Pick a great smelling cigar.  Chances are, if the cigar doesn't smell good, it won't taste good either.
  • Make your first smoking experience pleasant. Don't smoke in a
    place where you'll feel self-conscious.  A good cigar is best smoked
    in a comfortable atmosphere, such as at home with friends, after
    a meal. 
  • For your first time, select a premium hand-rolled cigar in the $3 to
    $4 range.  Brands made in Costa Rica are popular sellers,
    because of their mild, pleasant flavor and mountain grown tobacco
    is very smooth. 

  • Dip the head of the cigar - the end you put in your mouth into
    cognac, brandy or a fine port wine.  As you draw on the cigar,
    you'll be able to taste the flavor.  Some companies sell cigars
    that have been dipped in liquors and wines.


    Vegas de Santiago Model: "Michelle"

    Women may prefer the more feminine petite smokes, that
    resemble cigarettes.  But with cigars, bigger is usually better.
    Smaller cigars tend to get hot very quickly, and the taste is
    often harsh.  The exception is the exquisite "Panetela Extras"
    from Vegas de Santiago!

    Don't inhale. Cigars are for enjoyment, not a quick nicotine
    fix.  Always ask permission... before lighting up in a
    restaurant, even in the smoking section.  Many people find
    the smoke highly offensive,  and even at smoker - friendly
    places, cigars are often prohibited.



Vegas de Santiago Model: "Michelle"


What  is so alluring about  the Cigar Woman?

What makes her so damn attractive... to cigar-smoking men (and even to
many men, who don't smoke cigars)?   First of all, there is a certain
strength about a cigar smoking woman.  She is someone who is
self-confident, secure and ready to fly in the face of the criticism... of
her family and friends.

She stands out.  Men like women who aren't afraid to break rules and take
risks. They know these women just might rock their world!

The image of a woman... holding a  long, sleek, cylindrical object in her
mouth, prompts even the most sophisticated men of the world to be
reduced to drooling newborns in suits.

If you haven't already realized it, there is a whole new mode of meeting
men... that has been born in the 1990's. Cigar parties, single-malt scotch
and cigar tastings, cognac tastings, beer tastings and the like, are
predominantly frequented by men... lots of men. These events do not
exclude women.

However, it has been my experience... that rarely more than two or three
women... are in attendance, and every man in the room is keenly aware
of the presence of those few smart, lucky ones.

If you come to one of the tastings or parties, be prepared to be scrutinized. 
However, you will also be fawned upon, flirted with, wined, and if you wish,
dined, if not worshipped, by your pick of men.

They will compliment you, show you respect, and perhaps 
best of all, offer you cigars.  Your only challenge will be, to
figure out who is married and I suspect, you've all had 
some practice at that.

Puff sensuously, puff deeply.  Then look quickly over your 
shoulder and see the look on the face of the man who's 
been watching you
He loves you!


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